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I write about indie writers, self-publishing, invisible disabilities, book design ... creative nonfiction and fiction.  I also do graphic design, photography, and videos.

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For the Indie Creative Entrepreneur:  Branding, Marketing, Product Launch, Support, and Build Your Business.

I help indie entrepreneurs make the most of of their business.  BrandingMarketingProductivity.

I help indie creatives create a marketing strategy plan and can even help implement that strategy.  

Whether you are creating your brand or rebranding, I can help you to stand out.  

Do you need help with productivity strategies?  I have helped indie creatives with that as well.

Schedule a FREE consultation.  We can figure out what you need, and how I can help you.

Everyone has a story.  Every story has a home in the heart of a reader.  I want to help you find each other.

  • Upcoming webinars for the new indie creative
    This webinar has been priced to be affordable to the new indie writer  After the webinar you will have the tools to get started in your marketing plan for your indie author brand and platform. This begins with developing your brand. At the end of the webinar, you will be able to begin to understand … Read more

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I operate in two spaces. I am in the space here as a writer and support service for indie creative-entrepeneurs. I am also the leader of World Indie Warriors. These spaces are neighbors, but don’t live in the same house. I see World Indie Warriors (WIW) as a self sustaining community of indies to help the community grow. My vision for WIW is to help people find their voice and know that they can be heard. For my business, I want to help indies who are entrepreneurs make the most out of their business. For my writing, there are a number of spaces I feel drawn to explore right now in creative nonfiction and nonfiction.

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