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I write about indie writers, self-publishing, invisible disabilities, book design ... creative nonfiction and fiction.  I also do graphic design, photography, and videos.

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Personalized Social Media Marketing Plans

Large companies pay psychologists to help create their marketing plans, monitor their brands, and evaluate how well their marketing plans are doing. This is now available TO YOU!

Social Media Snap Shot

Do you want to know what areas you can improve on and what areas that you are doing well on with no need for any recommendations? You can get a Social Media Snap Shot.

Personalized How to Stand Out On Social Media Plan

I can help you come up with a personalized social media plan to help you stand out. No tricks. No gimmicks. I firmly believe that the best way for you to stand out is by being yourself. What I do is make sure that you are telling the story of YOU in the most effective way possible.

Comprehensive Social Media Plan

Similar to the Personalized Social Media Plan, I will evaluate all of your social media platforms and make recommendations on how to stand out more, based on the intended audience(s) for each platform. You’ll get a welcome call, 4 hours of consultation, A Snap Shot for each platform with recommendations on how to optimize your content marketing, content marketing planner, and an action plan.

Are you getting ready to release your book? Did you know that you can use your book as a promotion tool for your brand and your other books? You can.

Marketing in your book checklist


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I’m also the founder and leader of the World Indie Warriors, a collaborative group of creatives dedicated in expanding the stage for diverse voices. It’s FREE to join. All that we ask is for you to be kind and supportive. We don’t have participation “expectations.” We have opportunities to contribute to the group, as the spirit moves you. Please check us out.

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