I think I met someone: editing stage

I’m so excited that I’ve finally reached the editing stage. This is the second version of the story. The first version just wasn’t working.

You would think slice-of-life would be straight forward to write, but it’s not. If there isn’t some sort of problem or conflict, then it’s boring. If the language isn’t just right, then there’s no beauty. If there isn’t a greater meaning or insight, then it’s pointless. It’s like those baking competitions. If you’re going to do a paired down classic, it has to be perfect. If you’re going to write a story about a slice of a life, there has to be a reason for someone to take the time to read it. I think I got it with this one.

This is a moment in Oliver’s (the protagonist’s) life. But that moment is an important one. I hope that I’ve layered the importance. I look forward to to seeing how people respond.

I’m learning so much from this story.

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