Visible Mending: new short title

I couldn’t write that much this week. Little man had an ear infection and needed lots of mommy love, which I’m all too happy to provide. I was able to sit down and get some words on paper, so to speak.

My tentative title is “Visible Mending.” We shall see if that sticks. It’s about a woman who has passed a crossroads in her life, but is now figuring out what to do next. I had pilfered from another short I had written that wasn’t really going anywhere. I had written it as a free-writing piece. A fast draft. I’m re-working it into this piece about Angel. I had liked elements of the story, but not the overall plot. Hence the pilfering. I have done this sort of thing with painting — oh so many years ago. Where I’d paint and paint and paint until the “final” one would come out. I suppose that’s just how I do. I wonder if other people work the same way.

Funnily, it’s the ‘love-interest’ of my other short, “I think I met someone.” I can’t let go of characters I guess. It’s also how I see people. We have intertwined stories, but we are the main protagonist of our own.

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