Work in progress: March 25, 2019


While I was brainstorming about how to approach my fiction endevor, I had many things swimming in my head.  I had my love of the feels, which I know I’m not the only one who loves the feels, with my love of shorts (author written fanfic if you will), my thoughts on the masaic nature of communities, and the plan to be an indie-niche writer.  I thought about how my fave authors published shorts in-between their novels.  This was a good way to keep people like me aniticipating their next novel, and filled the time with delightful jaunts with the characters I had come to love.  That’s when I came up with a what if.  What if … I write and release the shorts first and then release the novel.  Sort of the general trend but in reverse.  

In addition to working on my writing, I’ve been also beta reading a fellow indie-writer’s novel.  I’ll write more about that soon!

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