Works in progress: April 12, 2029

What a week! My goal was to write 1000 or finish Visible Mending. I wrote 1500 and realized that I needed to start a part 2 of the story. I read my last line over and over again. It felt like a resolution or closure. But, the story wasn’t finished. That can only mean one thing … not a short story but a possible long short story (novelette?) or novella. This story is bigger that I was thinking. This is fine of course but a little surprising. So now I’m asking my main character — now what? I know I’m not the only writer who talks to her characters. Am I?

My other goal was to write 2 blog posts. (Ok 3 if you count this quick update). One I’m still editing and the second, I’m realizing that I have a lot to say on the subject (The Art of Alpha/Beta Reading). So I’m reworking it to be a series.

There are times when I feel like I have nothing to write. This is not one of them. But naptime has gotten shorter so I don’t have as much alone time as I used to. My little man is cute though. I’ll take mommy time anytime.

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