Indie Writer: Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

Prolific indie-writer, Stephanie Pitcher Fishman is the author of fiction and non-fiction. She is also a trained genealogist.

The novel Finding Eliza, a family mystery set in a small town in Georgia. The mystery unfolds in the present time and with flashbacks, taking the reader back to the South during the 1930s. Lizzie — our modern day heroine — delves into her grandmother’s past. Lizzie’s grandmother, the titular Eliza, holds many secrets long buried, but still haunting the present. When the truth is finally unearthed, what will it mean for Lizzie? Will the truth unravel her current life and break the bonds of family and friends? Available in Kindle Unlimited.

Fishman also contributed a short story in the anthology Shutter Step. A battered wife must make a terrible choice, when her abusive husband tracks her down.

She has written four children’s stories available on Kindle Unlimited: Lola Dreams of the Zoo, Lola Goes Camping, Lola Visits the Farm, and Lola’s Christmas Traditions. Written with her youngest daughter in mind, these stories not only give children a beautifully written and illustrated stories, but also teach the young ones about animals, art, and the meaning of family traditions.

She is the author of easy-to-use books on researching family history: Researching Your Quaker Family History (available in paperback and Kindle Unlimited), Researching the Plain Religions: A Quick & Easy Guide for Genealogists Researching the Plain Religions: A Quick & Easy (available on Kindle Unlimited and paperback), Researching Religions Bundle: Quakers and Plain Religions: A Quick & Easy Guide for Genealogists (available on Kindle Unlimited), Family Story Toolkit: Using Nonfiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Fiction to Tell Your Stories (available on Kindle), and Researching Your Ancestor Using the U.S. Census.

Stay tuned for her upcoming debut novella of a cozy mystery series! You can find her on her website, Instagram, Amazon author central, and Goodreads.

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