Indie Writer: Jodie Groom

Envy (A Deadly Sin Short Story Book 1) 

Jodie Groom is an indie writer to watch. She has a short story out in Kindle unlimited as JD Groom, called Envy (link not monetized).  After Kate fell for her boss, she found herself entangled in his web.  Can she find her way out?  Perhaps from the help of an unexpected place.  On Wattpad, you can find Groom’s stories:  “Friends Will Be Friends” and “Something New.”  

She has a (possible) duology and (possibly — maybe more?) stand-alone fantasy, The Sorceress, in the works.  You can find her on Instagram, Wattpad, Twitter,  WordPress, and Linktree.

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One thought on “Indie Writer: Jodie Groom

  1. Reblogged this on J.D. Groom and commented:
    Ooh, exciting!
    This is my first time being featured as an author on a blog.
    If you are interested in indie authors or you are an indie writer yourself, follow Michelle’s blog as I know she has some real gems coming up.
    Jodie xx

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