Indie Writer: Tilesha Brown

Tilesha Brown is a force of nature. Her creative endeavors include writing children’s books, producer, and publicist. Her children’s books include:

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SisQo’s Perfect Christmas is an illustrated children’s book that follows Kimiqo (nickname QoQo) Andrew’s adventures. When Kimiqo’s dad, the R&B singer SisQo, is unable to come home for the holidays, Kimiqo decides that she is going to make sure that her family has the perfect Christmas. This sweet tale is beautifully illustrated.

SAUCEBERRIe MOON: A little wish with a LOT of heart! is the story of the moon. In this sweet story, Genie Moon grants wishes. If you know how to talk to her and what “payment” she accepts, she’ll grant your wishes every time!

In SAUCEBERRIe MOON: “Welcome to SAUCEBERRIe Station”, Genie Moon’s adventures continues. Until Genie met Casey Alexander, she was always on time. Like clockwork. That all changed with her new friend, Casey. And thus starts the adventure for Genie, Casey, and Casey’s big sis Kiki. This sweet tale is beautifully illustrated.

Interview with Tilesha Brown

What inspired your stories?

My obsession with the moon and love for fairy tales inspired the SAUCEBERRIe Moon series. I’ve always loved how mysterious and majestic the moon is and I wished that I knew the story behind how it was placed in the sky… its real purpose among the stars. Ever since I was a kid, I always had endless questions about this amazing being, and so for my 30th birthday, I decided to answer those questions for myself.

Why did you decide to go indie? 

I decided to go indie because I was always so afraid of putting my work out there. For years, I just had dozens of stories in my notebook that I couldn’t bring myself to share. When I finally got the confidence to put a story out there, I didn’t want to face possible rejection from agents and publishers. For my first publication, I wanted to take it straight to the people who had been supporting me from day one. Those were the people who had been waiting patiently for my stories.

And I wanted to be in control of what they got from me. So far the response has been amazing. I’m so grateful for all of the support and the connections that I’ve made through these characters!

Illustrator & Cover Artist: Savannah Alexandra

The cover designer and illustrator for Tilesha Brown’s delightful children’s books is Savannah Alexandra. You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, Represent (merchandise*), Etsy, and Linktree.

*link not monetized.

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