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If you’re anything like me, you like fresh quirky stories that aren’t a re-hashing of tired plot lines and story tropes. One source of these fresh and innovated stories are indie writers (aka, self-published). But, the problem seems to be finding them.

I’ll give you some inside scoops.

One place to find them is on Kindle Unlimited. The indie writers congregate there because it’s easy to self-publish without a lot of up front costs. Since they sometimes use Kindle Unlimited, you can try it without any cost to you, except your monthly Kindle fee. Going to Kindle Unlimited is a good first step, but not there’s still more to do to find that book you’re in the mood for.

I have friends who spend hours drilling through Kindle Unlimited trying to find books for their TBR (to be read) list. But, once you find them you’re hit the mother load. One thing that is helpful but not very well advertised is searching for stories by reading time.

Wait. What? I know. Let’s say that you are going to a doctor’s appointment, you’ll inevitably have about a 10-15 minute wait. Am I right? Well, Kindle has a way to find stories by reading time. (This link is not monetized by the way).

Another way to find indie writers is on Instagram. There are a number of hashtags where you’ll find them. #indiewriter is one. #selfpublished. There’s an up and coming hashtag which is #indiesareworthit.

They also use genre hashtags. So that’s another way to find them. I’ll post about them as I collect more.

On WordPress I use the tag indie writer when I write a profile about an indie writer. I also have a free eNewsletter. Sign up for the Indie Reader.

Indie writers are also on Goodreads, but there isn’t an easy way to find them. I mean there’s no search category for indie writers.

If you know of another way to find indie writers, let me know in the comments below.

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