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I’ve mentioned this before, but I think it’s worth repeating. The more I get to know you all – my fine fellow creatives – the more it rings true for me. Everyone of you have at least one story to share (so many of you are cornucopias of stories). And I’m inspired by and in awe of your artistry. Because we are indies, we have artistic freedom. We don’t have to worry about appealing to a wide audience (and we all know how that goes) … that we can write for niche audiences. Because of the potential democratizing capacity of the internet and self-publishing and ebooks, we don’t have to worry about getting through corporate gatekeepers. I believe that all of our stories have an audience; some may be bigger than others (I’m pretty sure my fiction will appeal to a select few once I finish and release them), but that doesn’t matter does it? Not really. I think it’s possible to earn a living writing for a niche audience, but we have to find that audience first. Some of us may be nervous if there is an audience for our stories. I know in my heart that our stories do have an audience. Our stories will resonate in the hearts of our readers. To me, that is divine. Sublime. The seed of peace and joy. I feel drawn to helping stories finding their homes. Because to me, it’s an act of gratitude to help make human connections in what ever small way I can. So thank you for letting me into your lives and giving me an opportunity to send my gratitude into the world. You’re helping me live my best life. Peace&joy to you!!!!

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Support indie writers by not only buying their books, but also leaving reviews. More so than traditionally published authors, indie writers depend on reviews. Help indie stories find their homes. Thank you and peace and joy to you!

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