Indie Writer: Dana Noraas

Indie Writer: Dana Noraas

Dana Noraas debut anthology is in available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. If you’re into horror, you should check this out. Contained in this anthology are concentrated doses of dread, fear, and terror.

What was the inspiration for your debut novel?

My inspiration comes from a variety of sources. Could be a piece of conversation that I overheard somewhere, could be from fragments of a nightmare, true crime documentaries and books, and my own paranoid thoughts of “what if this happened in this situation? How would you react?” I chose shorts because I love anthologies. Especially when I’m doing a long road trip I don’t have to commit 2 hours of listening to an audiobook, and then decide I don’t like the style/story. With short stories I can just skip to the next one if I’m not feeling it and I get a completely fresh start.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on promoting and publishing my current book, but I always have a plethora of story concepts/half-started stories in my back pocket.

Why did you decide to become an indie writer?

I did consider going through “real” publishers etc. but this is my first voyage into this world of writers. I was scared I wouldn’t be good enough. I’m not scared of rejection letters (or emails), but I am scared of waiting and not taking action to pursue my dreams. I wanted to self-publish, because I don’t need an agent or a publishing company to promote my book for me. I like making organic connections with people and promoting through my own (potentially unorthodox) means. It’s my first book, I’m having fun now that the hard part is over.

“A veteran bouncer finds himself being followed by a naked man that no one else can see. A woman is left struggling to survive after a bear attack leaves her alone in the wilderness. A writer desperately tries to complete his book while being harassed by a relentless spirit. A poem of warning from a traveling salesman. A young boy disappears after hearing his mother calling to him from the woods and returns later that night acting strangely. This horror anthology features both supernatural and realistic situations that will make you double-check your locks at night. Before you tell yourself that these 15 original stories are just made up, rest assured knowing that one of them is inspired by true events.”

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