Indie Writer: Andrea Benson needs your help

Andrea Benson’s children story Where has my meow gone? will be making its debut sometime mid-July. It will be available on Amazon. She is currently working towards distributing the book in brick-and-motar booksellers. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

“Hi Michelle. I’ve started a Kickstarter crowdfund to raise funds to complete and market my young adults fantasy novel I am Golem. I’m trying to reach as many people with my link to find pledges. The sum I’m raising includes attendance and marketing at the 2020 London book fair ( this is where the “whole book world will be for 3 days) printing 1000 copies, as some are needed for pledge rewards, illustration, marketing, website builder, and editing. Would you be able to share my link on your website? Don’t worry if it isn’t possible.

Kind regards

I am Golem, a young adult fantasy novel, via @Kickstarter“

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