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Emma Stowell is a soon to be published indie writer. Her debut novel, Beautifully Broken, is contemporary romance story. Heart breaking. Heart satisfying. Love. Steamy romance. If you love stories where women find themselves and love, then you’ll love this series. If you’re a fan of Tarryn Fisher, you’re going to love Emma’s Stories. You have to follow Emma to make sure that you don’t miss a thing.

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What inspired your current works in progress?

For a long time I had no voice. I burnt my literature scholarship and turned to drugs. I have once been told to not be so candid but I feel my story is important to being real. I started journaling my experiences with addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety and chronic health conditions. I also wrote poetry. More and more people began to ask when I would publish a book. The idea grew itself from the journals and morphed into a beautifully broken story about love and loss and everything in between.

It became a series because the characters held more depth than could be contained in one single story and the Main characters journal becomes a testament to over coming deep seated aspects of her past. With romance, erotica and poetry I found my style couldn’t easily be boxed and such as it is my genre is contemporary romance.

When will they become available?

Travel overseas for a wedding means that the first in the series, Beautifully Broken‘ is set for release October 2019 followed by Beautifully Breaking‘ within the early New year.

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