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Hi! I’m Taylor. I remember when I was young, about eight or nine, when I first realized what stories were, what books were. In fourth grade, we had an assignment to write a “book”. The teacher had made up small ones for us to write in. We had to fill up the pages as best we could, even if that meant drawing pictures. I was the only student who filled the little book with words. Mine was also the only one the teacher read aloud to the class. She told me I had a tremendous talent and she hoped to see me on bookshelves someday.

I started writing fan fiction of my favorite cartoons where I was a hero alongside the other characters. Even my essay assignments became a fun challenge for me. I wanted to make sure my essays stood out. I ignored the normal setups and put more thought into the wording than the actual assignment.

Reading became a more prominent part of my life when I was twelve. I started reading the Harry Potter series. Laying in bed all day reading, lost in a new world, I knew what I wanted to do the rest of my life. Read and write.

I stopped writing when I graduated high school and went to work full time. It didn’t seem like writing would ever get me anywhere, much less pay my bills or feed my son. I wrote here and there but nothing stuck. I tried journaling when my depression started getting worse.  

I tried reading again, too. I read some old favorites at first, then new books by favorite authors. I decided to check out new genres. I’m not sure what genre I looked up, but one name stuck out. Charles Bukowski. I had heard the name a few times. I decided to look him up. I was blown away. He was raw, simple, and direct. I found some audiobooks on YouTube and binge listened for over a month.

Bukowski was the spark that restarted my fire. I had to write again. My heart was pounding in pentameter, my veins flowed with ink, my hand couldn’t keep up with my mind. I wrote several poems and nearly 40,000 words of a novel. It’s a stalled project, but I may revisit it one day. I have a dream that my writing will one day get to the point I no longer have a “regular job” and I can call myself an author with pride.

Soon after I decided to start sharing my work on a new Instagram account. I was shocked that people actually started to like and commented on my pieces. Even more so shocked that they started following me. Those likes, comments, and followers are what help keep up the drive for me to write. I have written more these past few months than I have in my entire laugh and I am LOVING it. I have a dream that my writing will one day get to the point I no longer have a “regular job” and I can call myself an author with pride. To all of my followers, and my new, closer friends, I thank you all! And a special thank you to Michelle Raab for featuring me in this long winded post!

I haven’t released a book yet. My plan is to finish my first one by Halloween and have it out by Christmas. I’ve also considered releasing a chapbook of my Instagram poetry beforehand just to get a feel of the process.

My current working title is “The Necromancer’s Ball.” It’s a dark fantasy with a side of romance and a generous sprinkling (The cap fell off the shaker) of horror.

I had an idea for a book about a Goth girl/witch who sneaks out one night to practice necromancer. Instead of raising a corpse, she awakens a vampire who had gone underground in the 90s to escape the quickly changing world.

The first chapter or so sat in my Google docs for a long time. When I started my Instagram account for my poetry, I decided to write a sonnet based on the first chapter. My followers enjoyed it and I decided to work on it further. A thought struck me. What if I wrote it into a series of sonnets? Could I do that? Has it been done before? Is that Shakespeare and Poe encouraging me from their graves? Am I going to finish this article in questions?

I’ve decided to go with Indie publishing. Traditional publishing will get you a bigger audience. It will help you with editing, marketing, and get your book worldwide if it’s good enough. That all sounds great. Live the dream to the fullest. Get on all the best sellers list. Maybe sell the movie rights for a million bucks. What’s the catch? You have to be accepted by an agent, then a publisher. Two years later your book may make it to shelves if it’s still in the mainstream flow. Remember when Harry Potter went big? EVERYBODY wrote their own discarding/paranormal school novels/series. Remember when Twilight went big? EVERYBODY had a vampire/werewolf romance to sell. Remember when The Walking Dead went big? EVERYBODY had a zombie story to shove down your throat. Horror is the genre I’ve loved since I was too young to read. What happens when those fads die? Nobody in the mainstream writes them, unless they had a name before the far. Stephen King had a few of those stories before Twilight was even a rough draft. By becoming an indie author, I may never reach Stephen King or Anne Rice status. But my work will find the people that will love it. It will be because I wrote my words as I wanted them, as I saw them. As I felt them. Not because the mainstream was fanning for it.

You can find me on Instagram: @taylorpawley.poet

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