Indie Writer: C J Kavanaugh update

C J Kavanaugh, author of Queen of Thieves, also writes as Claerie Kavanaugh. She just uploaded her latest podcast. This episode is on self appreciation. You get to know a little more about her, as she talks about her upcoming release, You should check it out.

Her queer romance, Duet Rubato, will be released soon. Follow her on Instagram for story snippets, character fun-facts and art, and the cover reveal.

Will a return to the stage bring love or heartbreak?

Ten years after a near-fatal accident almost ended her musical theater career, Catie Klarken is still struggling to keep a roof over her daughter’s head. Landing the lead in a musical is the break she needs to get her life back on track. Everything hinges on this production.

But being in the show comes with its own set of problems. The assistant director is none other than her ex-girlfriend, Addie. Catie can’t afford to walk away, but working with her old flame threatens to break down the walls she’s built around her heart. The show must go on, but only Catie can decide if their relationship deserves an encore after the final bow.“ ~Duet Rubato

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