Indie Writer: Astrid V. J.

Astrid V. J. is an activist, anthropologist, and indie writer. Her love for the written word began when she was a child. She began writing as a 12 year old, scribbling in her notebooks. One thing led to another. Moves from one country to the next. Upon rediscovering her old notebooks, she began writing again in what has become the first in the Sibling Tales series: Aspiring: Part I of the Siblings’ Tale (Elisabeth and Edvard The Siblings’ Tale Book 1)  available on Kindle Unlimited and Paperback (links are not monetized).

You can find Astrid V. J. on her website, Amazon Author Page, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

What are you currently working on?

Astrid has two works in progress. She is working on “another retelling set in the same world called Gisela’s Passion. Peasant girl wants to become a dancer,” and ” distopian fantasy following Viola Alerion’s journey called The Apprentice Storyteller.”

Why did you decide to become an indie writer?

The time it takes to find a publisher seemed like shooting myself in the foot, especially when this novel breaks with the recipe for fantasy. I just didn’t want the damage to my self-esteem that would come with 20 or so rejections. It made sense to go with the times and use modern technology to my benefit and just get it out there

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