Indie Writer: Lisa Jochim

Lisa Jochim loves children. She was a teacher for many years. After her husband got a job in the Netherlands, Lisa started her indie writer journey and wrote the children’s story, Excuse me sir, do you bark English?

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Her books are available on her website.

What was the inspiration for Excuse Me Sir, Do You Bark English?

(After moving to the Netherlands…)

One day after one of our dogs got out of our fence, having to search all over and being terrified because we knew our dog did not understand Dutch commands…. a poem popped out of my head and I quickly wrote it down. I decided right then and there, this was my first book. Excuse Me Sir, Do You Bark English is about my Dutch chocolate Lab who only barks English.

It’s an adorable book and is illustrated by my best friend that I met over there, Ruxandra Darie. She’s from Romania, but was living in the Netherlands as well. We had become instant friends and had a mutual appreciation for each other’s work. She is an amazing artist that has shown her work all over the world. She now lives here in the states and we love this connection we have because it will always keep us together. Two women from opposite sides of the world working together for children. We LOVE it!

What are you currently working on?

I have several other children’s books ready and Ruxi has started the illustrations for the next. The next one is about my grandmother and her best friend and is set at our family cottage in northern Michigan. It’s seriously adorable.

Why did you decide to become an indie writer?

Blueberry Pancake Publishing is the name I came up with after I decided I wanted to go the self-publishing route. I was too scared to be rejected by the big publishing houses but knew that my book was fabulous and needed to be out there. I decided I didn’t need a big publishing house to tell me if I was good or not. I knew I was. 

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