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Nyla K., pen name, writes steamy, taboo, romance novels of hot love and infidelity (the taboo). For fans of E. L. James’s Fifty Shades series, reviewers say that you will love Nyla’s series too. As a kid, she could disappear into a book. After life got in the way of her love of words, she was able to return to her devotion to reading and her passion for the written word. After being able to read more, the stories began swimming in her head. So far, she has authored three books with many more on their way.

The Midnight City Series (Andrew and Tessa’s Saga)

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What are you currently working on?

I have about 7 books outlined right now lol. But next up for publication is a book called PUSH. It’s a taboo romance, MMR turns into MMF, super steamy and a little cray cray lol. If all goes accordingly it’ll be released in September (just added it to Goodreads recently). I’m also just about done with a first draft of a standalone in The Midnight City Series called What It Takes, about an Irish actor named JR Walsh who has a lot of problems lol. It’s a dark romance meets friends-to-lovers kinda thing. 

Why did you decide to become an indie writer?

For me, indie was the obvious choice. Querying seemed like a lot of rejection which I was still a bit too fragile for when I first decided to publish, about a year ago. And the mere act of looking for an agent overwhelmed me, too. I had written my books for myself, and then I had some “beta readers”, I guess you’d call them, rave about my books and told me I was an idiot not to publish lol. So, I did everything myself on Amazon. And then went back and published revised 2nd editions when I realized how terrible my formatting was LOL. 

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