Indie Writer Profile: Savannah Sweetwater

Words were my very best friends coming up. I loved the certain words felt when I could use them correctly when the other kids my age didn’t. I guess that made me a word snob, too. I do work a day job. My husband and I are insurance inspectors by day. The job affords me a lot of time to write in the evenings, especially when we have to travel.

Where can someone buy them (nonmonetized links). 

I have books in Country Girl Mysteries and Hitch and Miss (links not monetized). You can also find my books here. A free novel will be available on Wattpad and my website in September 2019 (currently called Middle South Mysteries).

What are you currently working on? 

This spring I wrote three paranormal/steamy novellas and then wrote two books in a series about a woman who moves in to a tiny home. Since the summer began I have written another novella introducing a series about a woman who becomes an RV nomad. The first novel is about halfway finished, adn this is the first time I have included an animal as a character. This guy is a Maine Coon cat and he is the strong, silent type. No talking cats here! But this series has been the most fun things I have done ever! I write quickly, which I think is both a gift and a curse. I have written quite a few novels int he past two years. But my plan is to keep my foot on the gas and just see where it takes me.

Why did you decide to become an indie writer? 

Before I started working with my husband I was a journalist for a few years. I have also freelanced and published a memoir essay in an anthology. I have worked with editors and worked with publishers here and there. But the indie life fits me, suits my personality. As I said before I do write quickly, and publishing as an indie gives me the chance to do this on my terms.

About how many words is your book/story?

 Most of my novels are between 50,000 and 60,000 words each (estimated reading time 3.5 hours-4.5 hours). My novellas are between 20,000-30,000 (estimated reading time 1-3 hours).

What genre is it? (If it’s a hybrid, let me have it! Love it) 

Aside from the Witches Without Britches novellas my novels are cozy type mysteries, although I’m not sure they hit every trope most cozies aim for. 

What traditionally published books or authors are similar to yours. 

I’m not sure about this question. I think my words read a bit like Amy Vansant and her Pineapple Port series.

What words have your readers (beta, reviewers, friends) said about your work?

I have gotten a few reviews on the Looking Lake and Country Girl series. The Country Girl books were reviewed on Amazon as “fun, clean, and kept you guessing.”  

How to support Indie Writers!

Support indie writers by not only buying their books, but also leaving reviews. More so than traditionally published authors, indie writers depend on reviews. Help indie stories find their homes. Thank you and peace and joy to you!

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