Indie Editor Profile: Marissa Frosch

I’m Marissa Frosch. As well as being an editor, I’m also a publisher, author, mother, and wife. I started my publishing company in March of 2019 after leaving Amphibian Press, which I co-founded with a friend in 2014. 

When I’m not reading, writing, publishing and generally working on a book, I’m homeschooling my kids and getting annoyed with my Marine husband. (He thinks he’s so funny!) In all seriousness though, I’m all about the books. 

How did you get into editing?

As a lot of indies do, I jumped right into publishing. Editors were just for proofreading right? (Hint: they are not) I had one for that. And she was lacking. And so was my story. And while I had the basics, and many readers enjoyed that first attempt, it wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to learn more about craft and story so I could put out stories I was proud of. Which put me on the path to becoming an editor. The more I learned, the more I wanted to help others. 

Why do you like working with indie writers?

I love the changes in publishing. I love that artists are not only making money with their art but making a living. Indies may have the upper hand with royalties but they need to bring their A-game. Readers aren’t interested in poorly constructed plots or knowing who the killer is on page one. They want epic twists and genre innovation. That’s what I can give indies. 

What kinds of editing do you do?

I focus on story and structure. I can make sure your story works, make it work if it doesn’t, or help you innovate if it does. 

What is your favorite kind of editing?

There’s a reason I’m in content/structural editing. I love finding out what’s missing from a story or helping an author plan a plot twist that will have a reader screaming for more while raving about the ride they just took. 

What certifications do you have?

I’m a Story Grid Certified Editor. That means I use the Story Grid method, created by Shawn Coyne–an editor with nearly thirty years of experience, many of those in NYC publishing houses. Story Grid is one of the tools in my toolbox but it’s an incredibly powerful tool. And learning from Shawn has been incredible. The rest comes from studying story and specifically masterworks. 

What are your social media links? Contact information.

My website is, you can also find me on Facebook: Twitter: @RavensQuillPub and Instagram: @RavensQuillPub

Do you have books/ebooks/workbooks available?

Not yet! I’m currently revising my non-fiction book, Publishing Step by Step. Look for it early 2020! ( I have fiction books published under my pen name but I won’t list those here).

What genres do you focus on?

I prefer books with a love story (no happy ending required but I do love those!). I also enjoy thrillers and suspense books. I enjoy twists and turns no one can see coming (and they’re rare for me!). I’ve also worked in science and women’s fiction. 

Is there anything else that we should know?

I love working with people who are driven and determined to improve their craft. The genre is important but the author more so. I give a free thirty-minute consultation to anyone who signs up ( to help make sure we’re a good fit. I look forward to chatting with you!

How to support Indie Writers!

Support indie writers by not only buying their books, but also leaving reviews. More so than traditionally published authors, indie writers depend on reviews. Help indie stories find their homes. Thank you and peace and joy to you!

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