Indie Writer Profile: Nesa Miller

Tell me a bit about yourself. For example, when did you fall in love with words? What do you do as a day job, if you have one?

I’m a Texas girl who dreamed of being a journalist. But life happened to get in the
way – or perhaps it was the choices I made – it bears thought. Rather than go to
university and obtain a degree, I detoured through several different types of jobs (I get bored pretty easily), married a couple of times, had children, and finally met the King of my World. Now, I live in England where I finished my first book and have published two more. We’re rich in many things, but money isn’t one of them. During the day, I work in insurance. (Please, don’t be jealous.) On the weekends, I write.

What books do you have available and where can someone buy them?

I have 3 books so far in my Blood of Kaos SeriesAlamir, DreamReaper, and Flesh and Bone. All are available on Amazon & Smashwords. Or if you catch me at a local comic con, you can purchase direct from me & I’ll sign it! If you’d like to purchase one of my books, please email me at, and I’ll gladly sign & mail a copy to you.

Just so you know, I have taken down my paperback books from Amazon as they cut the prices ridiculously. The paperbacks available are from third party vendors – they are not from me.

What are you currently working on?

The 4 th book is currently in editing mode and should be out in time for Christmas. I’m also playing around with a novella that will be a prologue for the series.

Why did you decide to become an indie writer?

Because the publisher I had in the beginning didn’t do a darn thing for me other than print my book and take the majority of the royalties. When I realized I could do it myself, I was all over it!

Who designed your cover? Interior? Would you recommend them.

My covers are designed by Amy Queau of Q Designs – fabulously talented graphic artist! The interiors are designed by Erica Alexander of Serendity Formats – she makes them as beautiful on the inside as the covers.

About how many words is your book/story?

Alamir is around 95,000 (estimated reading time about 7 1/4 hours); DreamReaper is a bit longer at 145,000 (estimated reading time about 10-11 hours); and Flesh and Bone is around 95,000(estimated reading time about 7 1/4 hours).

What genre is it? Is it a hybrid?

Definitely hybrids – dark/urban fantasy, romance, paranormal, mystery, and someone once said it even has an aspect of horror

What traditionally published books or authors are similar to your?

There are so many fantasy authors out there, I don’t know if my style is similar to
anyone else or not. One of my fans has compared by writing to Sarah J. Maas.

What words have your readers (beta, reviewers, friends) said about your work?

Stunning characters, well developed plot with twists and turns, thrilling journey, fast paced, high energy, dark, intense, outstanding read, heart pounding thriller

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