Indie Writer Profile: R. T. Kilgore

Tell me a little about yourself 

I started to love the written word as soon as I could sit down and read by myself. My father gave me the classics in middle school, and I went crazy from there. I am a high school English teacher by day, which allows me to talk about reading and writing all day, and I love it.

How would somebody buy your book?

My book is available through Amazon and Living Springs Publishing.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently finishing up book two in my series. 

Why did you become an indie writer?

Because I loved to write and I wanted to share my thoughts with the world. Even if just one person connects with my work, it was all worth it.

Who is your illustrator?

My illustrator, Ken Bastard, did my cover and the other illustrations in the book.

How long is your book?

My book is about 75000 words or 200 pages (estimated reading time about (5 1/2 hours).

What genre is it?

Science-fiction romance, with a bit of social commentary for good measure. 

How have people described your book?

The book has been called Victorian Literature in space. Tess of the D’Ubervilles and everything Kurt Vonnegut inspired me in the series. It has been called funny and sexy. 

How can people find you?


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