Indie Writer Profile: Mystqx Skye

Tell me a bit about yourself. For example, when did you fall in love with words? What do you do as a day job, if you have one?

It was one sunny afternoon during my early teens when my mom decided to clean up her stacked boxes in the attic containing – what I believe – her fond memories. In one of the boxes are piled up papers, torn up magazine pages, cards and those standard looking envelopes with blue and red lines. Like an opposite charged magnet finding its half, my hands immediately took it and I experienced one of the most exciting things in life – feast of the senses. I skimmed my fingers on half torn postage stamps, dried up smudged stamp inks, the sensual flow of spiral embossing on cards and the rough feel of patterned-cut paper edges. My eyes feasted on beautiful calligraphy handwritings and typewriter printed letters. The smell of old paper and dried flowers on handmade papers was slightly intoxicating but everything was addictive. I sat there the whole afternoon reading and my heart spent its time falling in love. There were love letters exchanged with a half stranger from somewhere across oceans, unforgettable quotes from famous movies and books and there it was… my first love – poetry writings about love in all its hues.

My name is Mystqx Skye and I am Zürich-based writer, a hobby photographer and a lover of archery. In my former life, I was a savvy Marketing Communication Strategist at travel and retail companies. My writings are more on life’s beautiful contradictions, rebellious hearts and mystery romance.

What books do you have available and where can someone buy them? 

Bared – Beneath a Myriad of Skies is my first published book. It is a 117 page poetry book that inspires and encourages love for self and others, inner self-discovery, understanding relationships and appreciating the beauty of life. The book has mandala art coloring pages and includes blank stationery pages that can be used to write your own thoughts or a journal. The audiobook version will be available in July or August.

Ebook – Links:

Hardcover Edition – Links

What are you currently working on? 

I am currently working on finishing my first mystery romance novel about love and hate, retribution and revenge, fateful curse that transcends time.

Why did you decide to become an indie writer? 

I felt the need to communicate, that someone needs to read my words and hear my voice. I have to go out there somehow and make it possible so I published my writings on my own.

Who designed your cover? Interior?

I designed the cover and the interior as well, but I had someone draw the mandala art. The book cover is a picture of me taken ages ago – in my early 20’s. By now you must have guessed my age.  

About how many words is your book/story?

 About 3860 words

What genre is it?

The book main genre is Poetry but it also includes prose, mandala art coloring pages and blank stationery pages for writing. Is that considered a hyrid?

What traditionally published books or authors are similar to yours?

I am not sure if there are any traditionally published book that is similar to mine as I have not seen yet something similar but as a comparison with regard to writing and themes maybe Nikita Gill or Rupi Kaur.

What words have your readers (beta, reviewers, friends) said about your work?

Beautiful honesty, mandala tattoos, pain and healing, unique poetry book, interactive poetry book, contemporary erotica, intense ride, one of a kind reading journey, unusual and imaginative book concept, marriage of prose and poetry, cool madala art coloring pages, cool book for journaling

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My book is currently free on Smashwords and I would like to do a promo for the hardcover but have not scheduled it yet. Those who download the ebook and write a review will qualify to get 1 out of 5 limited edition hardcover including other giveaways like cool notebooks, coloring glitter pens and more.  

How to support Indie Writers!

Support indie writers by not only buying their books, but also leaving reviews. More so than traditionally published authors, indie writers depend on reviews. Help indie stories find their homes. Thank you and peace and joy to you!

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