What am I working on now

I’m working on a lot of things right now. One is, of course, raising my toddler son. He is my first and primary priority, because he’s so cute. I’m not gonna go into detail about him here though. Of course I would love to talk about how wonderful and amazing he is, but I’m afraid if he ever reads these posts he’s going to be like, “Mom, why did you do that?” So, in an effort to protect his privacy, let’s just say I think he’s cute, and he’s the love of my life.

Other than that,  I am working on writing projects, organizing projects, and starting a small consulting business for indie creatives. 

Writing Projects

My writing projects include writing a series of short stories, blog posts, and several non-fiction books, .  

Right now I am working on, I think, the fifth or six version of a short story called, “I Think I Met Someone.”  At the advice of my friend and fellow World Indie Warrior, Claerie Kavanaugh., I have written up an outline. In doing so,  I discovered that I need to go back and create backstories for some characters. . They appear for about a conversation. But, I can’t write said conversations without knowing who they are.  That’s both exciting and a little bit frustrating.  

My newest blog s a wrap up of sorts-combining all my tips about how to get started in marketing if you’re an indie author. 

Eventually I’m going to turn it into some kind of book, but for right now it’s going to be freely available as a blog.  

Organizing Project

The organizing project I mentioned is not like a KonMarie organizing project.  It’s more along the lines of organizing people. I am the leader of a group called World Indie Warriors. And it’s a collaborative and cooperative group that helps and supports indie creatives. It’s not my intention that this group will ever be a for-profit group, but I’m looking into creating  an entity that could handle money so we can pay for projects like a professional website and other ideas we have to help indie creatives navigate this crazy capitalist world. My main aim for this group is to help expand the stage so that a diverse voices can be heard.

My small business

The last project about is my new limited liability company. I originally intended  to create an LLC for the purpose of being a self-published author. But, I have started getting requests for marketing help from indie creatives, small business owners, and grassroots political groups.  So I’ve had to do a lot of infrastructure building in order to figure out how I’m going to package and sell my services for marketing, event planning, messaging, and networking.  

My aim is to have resources available for all kinds of budgets. So I will continue to have blog posts available for free and if you want to contribute to the those blog posts, I made that kind of payment structure available. Contribute or not as the spirit moves you. I will also have personal consulting sessions available, as well as  group rates for workshops and webinars. Contact me for more information.

So that’s about all that I’m working on right now. I’ll keep you posted on my various projects. Happy creating!❤️

Edited and Updated February 3, 2021

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