Hello my fellow creatives!

I’ve made a very scary decision. Thanks to my friends in @worldindiewarriors they’ve helped me realize something. I like writing nonfiction and creative nonfiction more than fiction. How did they know this? Probably because that’s what I work on ALL the time. So at least on this part of my journey, I’m going to lean into what is inspiring me to create. Nonfiction and creative nonfiction. What is creative nonfiction? Story telling about nonfiction. Ok. That was a bit anticlimactic. 🤣 but what I’m doing right now is a creative nonfiction snippet. I’m telling a factual story as a story. And I have to tell you I’m having so much fun. But here’s the thing I’m scared about. What if no one wants to read what I have to say. Aaaaaaaa! I know fiction writers have the same fear. So … I guess I should take inspiration from them and just hope that what I have to say resonates with someone. How do you overcome that fear? Any questions for me?

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2 thoughts on “Hello my fellow creatives!

  1. I think creative nonfiction results in the most interesting blog posts. In fact, I only read one fiction blog and that’s because it’s really good, and it reads exactly like creative nonfiction. The question is: what else do you do with it besides blog it. I’ve distilled my blog into two books so far, and every now an then someone will read one, but much of the feedback I get is along the lines of what’s the point. David Sedaris is my role model. He writes hilarious, cathartic essays that are a joy to read. He sets the bar I try to clear. While I can’t pull off sidesplitting humor, I still feel that his books have made me a better writer.

    1. Thanks Jeff for sharing your thoughts. I really enjoy reading essays too. I am a fan of David Sedalia as well.

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