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What an exciting year! Here are the indie writers that I profiled this year. They are listed by author. I’ve added some updates where I could find them. So in chronological order.

Elexis Bell

The Gem of Meruna (under her maiden name–Mullins) This is romantic fantasy. 💕👏. The main character, Kiluna, sets off on a quest to find the mysterious and powerful Gem of Meruna, to save her people from an evil dictator. On the way, she risks more than just her life. She risks her heart. Will she survive and save her people? You’ll have to read the book to find out.


This one is a psychological-thriller-horror(esque) set in a Western. Whaaaat?!?!? The titular character, Annabelle, has been traumatized and brutalized in the old American West. Armed with a seed of evil growing inside her and a weaponized parasol she roams from town to town bringing justice to others that she was once denied. But her brand of justice may come with a cost. Is it time to pay the piper?

Let me know what you think. If you like her stories, be sure to leave her a review! You can find her on Instagram (@elexis_bell).

Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

The novel Finding Eliza, a family mystery set in a small town in Georgia. The mystery unfolds in the present time and with flashbacks, taking the reader back to the South during the 1930s. Lizzie — our modern day heroine — delves into her grandmother’s past. Lizzie’s grandmother, the titular Eliza, holds many secrets long buried, but still haunting the present. When the truth is finally unearthed, what will it mean for Lizzie? Will the truth unravel her current life and break the bonds of family and friends? Available in Kindle Unlimited.

Fishman also contributed a short story in the anthology Shutter Step. A battered wife must make a terrible choice, when her abusive husband tracks her down.

She has written four children’s stories available on Kindle Unlimited: Lola Dreams of the Zoo, Lola Goes Camping, Lola Visits the Farm, and Lola’s Christmas Traditions. Written with her youngest daughter in mind, these stories not only give children a beautifully written and illustrated stories, but also teach the young ones about animals, art, and the meaning of family traditions.

She is the author of easy-to-use books on researching family history: Researching Your Quaker Family History (available in paperback and Kindle Unlimited), Researching the Plain Religions: A Quick & Easy Guide for Genealogists Researching the Plain Religions: A Quick & Easy (available on Kindle Unlimited and paperback), Researching Religions Bundle: Quakers and Plain Religions: A Quick & Easy Guide for Genealogists (available on Kindle Unlimited), Family Story Toolkit: Using Nonfiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Fiction to Tell Your Stories (available on Kindle), and Researching Your Ancestor Using the U.S. Census.

Jodie Groom

She has a short story out in Kindle unlimited as JD Groom, called Envy (link not monetized).  After Kate fell for her boss, she found herself entangled in his web.  Can she find her way out?  Perhaps from the help of an unexpected place.  On Wattpad, you can find Groom’s stories:  “Friends Will Be Friends” and “Something New.”  

Since the blog post went live, she has also released Sorceress of Truth (ebook & paperback). This fantasy novel has been getting great reviews.

C. J. Kavanaugh

Queen of Thieves is a YA retelling of the tale, Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves. In this tale, Kavanaugh asks, is saving your family worth becoming your worst nightmare? This story is filled with secrets, blackmail, and desperate choices. You can find it on Amazon. It is available both in Kindle and paperback. (Links to books not monetized.)

She is currently working on an LGBTQ+ romance novel, Duet Rubato. Catie Klarken, a single mother and dancer, runs into her ex-girlfriend on set after a harrowing year. Catie survived a near-fatal accident and has been struggling to support her daughter. After three years, she lands the lead in a musical, where the assistant director is her ex-girlfriend. Is re-igniting the old flame between her and her ex be worth the risk? Sign up for Kavanaugh’s newsletter to keep up to date. You can also follow her on Instagram.

Kavanaugh is also a freelance editor and will be featured in my eNewsletter the Indie Writer. You can follow her on Instagram (editing profile). You can find all of her links here.

Nicola Hebron

Nicola’s debut novel is Amelia’s Story available on Amazon UK (paperback and Kindle eBook) and Amazon US (paperback and Kindle eBook; links not monetized). This first chapter is free on Wattpad. The series follows four siblings who just recently found out that they have inherited magical powers from their father and have to battle a long-time family enemy. In the first novel, Amelia learns to navigate school and romance while learning to use her new-found powers: telekinesis and elemental control of water.

You can find Nicola on Facebook (@nicolahebronauthor), Twitter (@nikkihebron), Instagram (@nicolahebron), and Wattpad.

Cassidy Reyne

The Sentinels series, Saving Her, available on Kindle and Paperback (links not monetized). Nikolas fell in love with Anya at first sight, but Anya’s heart has been broken before by a cheating boyfriend and has been terrorized by stalker. Can these two find love in this romantic suspense story?

Since this blog post went live, The Sentinel 2: Saving Him has been released on ebook & paperback.

Tilesha Brown

Andrea Benson

Where has my meow gone? has been released since the blog post went live (ebook & paperback).  This is a delightful interactive picture book story, where you and your child help George to find his meow. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Dana Noraa

Her debut anthology is in available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. If you’re into horror, you should check this out. Contained in this anthology are concentrated doses of dread, fear, and terror.

MaryAnn Clarke

She has won the Chatelaine award twice. She writes in the romance women’s literature genre and has written four books, available as paperback and Kindle Unlimited. You can follow her on her website (where she has a free book offer), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Goodreads, and Bookbub.

If you’re a fan of Kristan Higgins, Sophie Kinsella, Emily Giffin and Helen Hoang, you’ll love her books. 

Having it All – Romantic WF novels

Life is a Journey

  • The Art of Enchantment: a Life is a Journey novel, Chatelaine Grand Prize,
  • A Dissimulation of Doves: a Life is a Journey novel, Chatelaine Award (currently unpublished. May be published with a new title. Stay tuned and follow her.)
  • A Forged Affair: Life is a Journey Book 2, due out 2019, available as a preorder Until June 14, 2019; for the modern, independent woman. If you like quirky, well-rounded characters, relatable situations, and lyrical prose, then you’ll love this women’s fiction tale of self-discovery from MaryAnn Clarke.
  • A Forged Affair Coloring Book: pre-sale bonus

Sarah Hayes

In the debut novel of Sarah Hayes, she explores how a woman, Maggie Lickens, gets drawn into an abusive relationship and examines the question of can she get away?

Forgive Me available in paperback and Kindle Unlimited ($2.99 to buy). Read time about 4.5 hours to 5.5 hours. The first chapter is available on her blog for free.

You can follow Sarah Hayes on her blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also sign up for her newsletter.

Emma Stowell

Her debut novel, Beautifully Broken, is contemporary romance story. Heart breaking. Heart satisfying. Love. Steamy romance. If you love stories where women find themselves and love, then you’ll love this series. If you’re a fan of Tarryn Fisher, you’re going to love Emma’s Stories. You have to follow Emma to make sure that you don’t miss a thing. At the time of this post, she is still working on this novel.

You can follow Emma on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Astrid V. J.

Astrid is an activist, anthropologist, and indie writer. Her love for the written word began when she was a child. She began writing as a 12 year old, scribbling in her notebooks. One thing led to another. Moves from one country to the next. Upon rediscovering her old notebooks, she began writing again in what has become the first in the Sibling Tales series: Aspiring: Part I of the Siblings’ Tale (Elisabeth and Edvard The Siblings’ Tale Book 1)  available on Kindle Unlimited and Paperback (links are not monetized).

Since the blog post went live, she has also released Becoming on ebook and paperback, book 2 of the Sibling’s Tale. And she has released on ebook, the prequel to the Sibling’s Tale, Gisela’s Passion.

You can find Astrid V. J. on her website, Amazon Author Page, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Lisa Jochim

After her husband got a job in the Netherlands, Lisa started her indie writer journey and wrote the children’s story, Excuse me sir, do you bark English? It’s a delightful tale of a fish out of water or … er … a dog out of water?

Nyla K.

Under pen name, Nyla K., she writes steamy, taboo, romance novels of hot love and infidelity (the taboo).

The Midnight City Series (Andrew and Tessa’s Saga)

Ish Goel’s debut young adult novel is The Black Orchids. She has loved to read since her childhood and is a big fan of romantic fantasy novels. She is currently a student, works part-time, and is working on her next book. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter, her website, Facebook, and Goodreads.

Ish Goel

Her debut young adult novel is The Black Orchids. She has loved to read since her childhood and is a big fan of romantic fantasy novels. She is currently a student, works part-time, and is working on her next book. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter, her website, Facebook, and Goodreads.

The Black Orchids is for sale in Australia, Canada, India, UK, and US.

Savannah Sweetwater

Country Girl Mysteries and Hitch and Miss (links not monetized). You can also find my books here. A free novel will be available on Wattpad and my website in September 2019 (currently called Middle South Mysteries).

Kristen Morgan

Behind the Glass, is available on Amazon (paperback&Kindle). You can find her on her website –

R. T. Kilgore

Like a proper Victorian novel like T’Ess of the Dubervilles, but in space, you can find The Historical Chronicles of Elinor Sturgeon and the Last Human Colony amazon and Living Springs Publishing. You can find R. T. on his website:

Mystqx Skye

Bared – Beneath a Myriad of Skies is my first published book. It is a 117 page poetry book that inspires and encourages love for self and others, inner self-discovery, understanding relationships and appreciating the beauty of life. The book has mandala art coloring pages and includes blank stationery pages that can be used to write your own thoughts or a journal. The audiobook version will be available in July or August.

Ebook – Links:




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