Upcoming webinars for the new indie creative

This webinar has been priced to be affordable to the new indie writer 

After the webinar you will have the tools to get started in your marketing plan for your indie author brand and platform. This begins with developing your brand. At the end of the webinar, you will be able to begin to understand how others establish and maintain their brands, so that you can start creating your own. Social media posts and content and marketing efforts, they all begin with your brand. You brand is more that just your logo. It’s the story of you, as an author. This webinar will take the mystery out of how people tell the story of a company, a product, a platform.

This is the first in a series for Taking the Mystery Out of Marketing.

You will receive the link to the webinar the week before the webinar will begin.

These are two dates for the same webinar. Branding/Rebranding will be announced soon. Stay tuned.

WOCWRITETOO Jan 6 (Women of Color Write Too is a community of WOC writers and their allies. Check them out on Instagram).

Getting Started Jan 19

4 thoughts on “Upcoming webinars for the new indie creative

    1. Hi Jeff! I’ll be covering things like branding/rebranding, what drives book sales, things like that. The first one is learning how to analyze branding so that you can mindfully build yours.

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