Differential Diagnosis Adventureland—the doldrums

I look healthy, even without the filter I’m using (mostly so that I don’t have to put on eyeliner and then take it off). But, my health is not what it would seem to be. After getting my gallbladder tested (it’s normal), I now find myself lingering, nay, drifting in the doldrums of Differential Diagnosis Adventureland. I have a new medical person. She was very thorough. I’m changing some of my medical people who seemed to prescribe by coupon (does that mean kickbacks for him?🤔) and monitored my immune system only for the insurance company. According to a rabbit hole dive I did into some scientific journals, people who have CVID should have all infections tracked not just upper respiratory. He never asked me about colds or other infections. Hmmm. So I now have an appointment with a new immunologist. I can’t say that I’m not anxious that I’ll get the same noncare that I’ve gotten already. After a lifetime of being called a hypochondriac because my condition had not been officially recognized yet, I will admit that the night before my appointment with my new doc I will be sullen and anxious, expecting to be left alone in the doldrums. I hope I’m wrong.

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  1. Good for you. I’m still seeing my current PCP only because a) I’m lazy and b) I’m afraid of running into him after I drop him. My invisible disabilities are mental illness based so having a physical invisible disability is new ground for me to cover. Good luck with your appointment.

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