March Wrap-Up

March was all about helping yourself to stand out and making connections.

Stand Out

If you’re just starting out, you can still market yourself, even without an obvious track record. The question is: how do you start from scratch?

I gave three key-points in my post about how to start from scratch:

1. Mindset. You must believe that you are your aspiration. 

2. Show others you are your aspiration by doing what you aspire to be. Promote yourself by showing others that you are doing what you aspire others to see you as. 

3. Get others to endorse you. This is the most important thing, because it’s the most powerful. Other people saying you are your aspiration will carry more weight than anything else you can do, especially if that person is trusted in your community. 

I have service packages available. Ciara Delahunt (pen name), an aspiring YA Urban Fantasy novelist, said, “Thank you so much for all of this, it’s really helped me narrow down what I need to focus on and cultivate… It’s hard to figure out who you are as a writer, you really do need someone to nudge you in the right direction, or hand you a personalised roadmap. I was wandering around lost for far too long!” Sometimes you need guidance to help you navigate in the marketing world. Contact me or check out the services that I provide. More packages coming soon!


Part of marketing is networking.  Even though many of us who are creatives are introverts, we still have to network.  I gave some tips in this post on how to keep track of who you meet and how to develop your relationships with those you network with.  Relationship building, even if there is a business component, should start with the heart.

Tips for developing a relationship with a collaborator:

  1. Send an “It was great to meet you” email or call them to go over what you discussed. 
  2. Follow-up on discussed items, as they are finished or by set deadlines.
  3. Check in every once in a while.
  4. If you see something that might be of interest, send it their way.
  5. Do social media shout outs.

Contact me if you’d like personalized tips for how you should prepare for networking at events.

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