About Michelle Raab

Michelle Raab is a suburban housewife, a geek, a holder of a doctorate in applied statistics in psychology, a mother, an avid fan of slice-of-life anime (she lives for the feels), fantasy, chick-lit, and sappy girl meets boy stories. She has done messaging strategy, event planning, and community organization.

Her favorite girl-meets-boy story is, of course, the one where she met her own hubby.

She has been making up stories since she could … make up stories.

She has lived in a variety of places like Hawaii, Texas, Washington, DC, and now Western Pennsylvania.  She has traveled in Europe and longs to see the rest of this amazing world.

Her favorite fantasy series is the Iron Druid series, she knows winter is here, and she loves the book the Chef’s Apprentice aka The Book of Unholy Mischief (because it is  a mischievous mystery with an ancient recipe book–so who wouldn’t love it).  You can find her eclectic reading list here.

She loves to cook and do spring cleaning, but hates folding socks.

You can find more about her slice-of-life stories here. She’s on Facebook and Instagram as michelleraabwrites.

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