Indie Writer: Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

Prolific indie-writer, Stephanie Pitcher Fishman is the author of fiction and non-fiction. She is also a trained genealogist. The novel

Things to think about when developing your Indie Author Brand

So what are some things that you should think about:
What is your genre?  What type of story are you promising? The visual communicates as much as words do. What are the colors and fonts associated with that genre? Use the same/similar fonts and colors for your book covers and social media images.  

Indie Writer: Elexis Bell

Here’s an indie writer you may want to check out. I said this in my post Indie Writers: why they

Currently Beta Reading: Crown of Conspiracy

The Crown of Conspiracy by Kara S. Weaver is a high-fantasy, palace politics adventure first novel of three. I’ve only

Goodread Reviews: Looking for something to read? Recommendations (with one don’t read it) and links to reviews

Sometimes it’s good to know not only books that you should read, but also ones that you may want to

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