Indie-Be-Ready for Networking

As an indie, you’re making a lot of connections with fellow indies, freelancers, bloggers, and readers. What should you have ready when you meet a potential collaborator or reader? online or IRL. How on earth are you going to keep track of everyone?

Marketing Series: Social Capital … what is it?

It’s really not that mysterious. But for some reason, social scientists and advice writers like to use fancy labels for things. (I do see the irony here🤪).

For Indie Writers: a glimpse into my ever growing Rolodex – Book Cover Designers

This post is going to be short and … short. lol. In my post, I wrote about things to think

For the Indie Writer: Cover Design – a reflection essay

Recently, two of my writing buddies had been working on getting design work for their book covers. I noticed that

Indie Writer’s Guide: types of editing and review

If you’re a writer, you may have heard the terms: development editor, beta reader, sensitivity reader, and line editor. Have

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