Book Review Round Up for February: Marketing Books

With so many books out there on marketing advice, it’s hard to know which ones  to choose. Here are three

Bookbloggers to Follow on Facebook

This is a short and sweet post. Do you need to have recommendations for your to be read list? Look

Indie Writer: Lisa Jochim

Lisa Jochim loves children. She was a teacher for many years. After her husband got a job in the Netherlands,

Indie Writer: Astrid V. J.

Astrid V. J. is an activist, anthropologist, and indie writer. Her love for the written word began when she was

Indie Writer: Emma Stowell

Emma Stowell is a soon to be published indie writer. Her debut novel, Beautifully Broken, is contemporary romance story. Heart

Indie Writer: Sarah Hayes

Sarah Hayes, an indie writer and blogger, is the author of the romantic suspense/domestic suspense novel, Forgive Me. Novels like

Indie Writer: MaryAnn Clarke

MaryAnn Clarke (aka MA Clarke Scott) is an indie writer veteran of the past 13 years. She has won the Chatelaine award twice. She writes in the romance women’s literature genre and has written four books. If you’re a fan of Kristan Higgins, Sophie Kinsella, Emily Giffin and Helen Hoang, you’ll love her books.

Indie Writer: Andrea Benson

Andrea Benson’s children story Where has my meow gone? will be making its debut sometime mid-July. It will be available

What should I read now

If you’re anything like me, you like fresh quirky stories that aren’t a re-hashing of tired plot lines and story

Indie Writer: Tilesha Brown

Tilesha Brown is a force of nature. Her creative endeavors include writing children’s books, producer, and publicist. Her children’s books

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