For the Indie Writer

  • March Wrap-Up
    March was all about helping yourself to stand out and making connections. If you’re just starting out, you can still market yourself, even without an obvious track record. The question is: how do you start from scratch? Part of marketing is networking. Even though many of us who are creatives are introverts, we still have to network.
  • Branding: Starting from Scratch
    At this point, it may feel like you have to be a magician to conjure your aspiration into existence before anyone recognizes that you ARE who you want to be.
  • Indie-Be-Ready for Networking
    As an indie, you’re making a lot of connections with fellow indies, freelancers, bloggers, and readers. What should you have ready when you meet a potential collaborator or reader? online or IRL. How on earth are you going to keep track of everyone?
  • Book Review Round Up for February: Marketing Books
    With so many books out there on marketing advice, it’s hard to know which ones  to choose. Here are three
  • Matchmaker not marketer
    It’s about helping bring people together. It’s about human connection and community.
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