Indie Editor Profile

Thank you for your interest in letting me write an indie editor profile. I profile editors who like to work with indie (self-published) writers. This is not a paid service. I don’t require a fee or anything. I don’t use monetized links to your books (because that feels exploitive). I’m doing this to help the indie writing community find their readers, and readers to find new, fresh voices — YOURS!

I don’t have access to a fancy form maker (yet). So if you could just copy and paste the questions and answer as the spirit moves you, I’d really appreciate it. I always send a draft before publishing the post, just to make sure that we get things right. I may also ask additional questions to these. Thanks again for doing this!

Here are some questions:

  1. Tell me a little about yourself (this will be the intro paragraph).
  2. How did you get into editing?
  3. Why do you like working with indie writers?
  4. What kinds of editing do you do?
  5. What is your favorite kind of editing?
  6. What certifications do you have?
  7. What are your social media links? Contact information.
  8. Do you have books/ebooks/workbooks available?
  9. What genres do you focus on?
  10. Is there anything else that we should know?

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