10 Bookbloggers to Follow on Instagram

Did you know that you can find books for your to be read list on Instagram? Yes. It’s true. If you’re a dedicated reader who is dying to know the inside scoops, go to Instagram. There are so many wonderful bookworms and book dragons to follow.

Indie Writer: Andrea Benson

Andrea Benson’s children story Where has my meow gone? will be making its debut sometime mid-July. It will be available

What should I read now

If you’re anything like me, you like fresh quirky stories that aren’t a re-hashing of tired plot lines and story

Indie Writer: Cassidy Reyne

Indie writer, Cassidy Reyne, has released the first of her The Sentinels series, Saving Her, available on Kindle and Paperback

Indie Writer: Nicola Hebron

Nicola Hebron is an indie writer of the Wiccan Romances series. Her debut novel is Amelia’s Story available on Amazon

Indie Writer: C. J. Kavanaugh

Indie writer, freelance editor, sensitivity reader C. J. Kavanaugh is an indie writer to follow.  Queen of Thieves is a

Indie Writer: Jodie Groom

Envy (A Deadly Sin Short Story Book 1)  Jodie Groom is an indie writer to watch. She has a short

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