February 2020 Wrap-Up and Work In Progress

Work In Progress What am I working on now?   Finishing up a Tips post on “Indie-be-ready to network” Online self-study

Marketing Series: Using Events as Marketing Tools

I have heard my fellow indie creatives talk about hosting an event as a marketing technique. For instance, a giveaway to market a book, or a Q&A to market a piece of artwork. You get the idea. But if you’re doing a single event, the event isn’t a marketing technique, it’s something to market. Let me explain.

Marketing Series: Social Media Strategy Plan (Tool and Tool Introduction)

I highly recommend that you spend the time to revisit your plan periodically.

Marketing Series: Social Capital … what is it?

It’s really not that mysterious. But for some reason, social scientists and advice writers like to use fancy labels for things. (I do see the irony here🤪).

Marketing Series: think like a marketer 1

You try it! Think like a market researcher Here’s a little exercise you can do to figure out who you

Marketing Series: Introduction (reworked post feed back)

Welcome to the first of my marketing series! I’ve been asked by some indie writer friends of mine to write

For Indie Writers: a glimpse into my ever growing Rolodex – Book Cover Designers

This post is going to be short and … short. lol. In my post, I wrote about things to think

Indie Editor: Claire Kavanaugh

Claire Kavanaugh is a freelance editor and will be featured in my May 2019 eNewsletter the Indie Writer.  She does

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