Branding: Starting from Scratch

At this point, it may feel like you have to be a magician to conjure your aspiration into existence before anyone recognizes that you ARE who you want to be.

Indie-Be-Ready for Networking

As an indie, you’re making a lot of connections with fellow indies, freelancers, bloggers, and readers. What should you have ready when you meet a potential collaborator or reader? online or IRL. How on earth are you going to keep track of everyone?

Book Review Round Up for February: Marketing Books

With so many books out there on marketing advice, it’s hard to know which ones  to choose. Here are three

Finding Your Audience IRL

Everyone knows you can use social media to find readers, but how do you find your perfect customer in real life? You are a writer. You used to thinking like someone else. So, and today is well post we’re going to experiment with thinking like your reader.

Marketing Series: Writing to Market

I hear a lot of talk amongst my indie writer friends about writing to market.

What exactly is that? It’s when you figure out the trends of what’s popular so that you can write a book that fits into those tropes and ride the popularity wave to a nice profit. I have seen cases where a writer has hit the market at the right time, perhaps even by accident, and was able to build a nice-sized audience based on the incidental popularity of their first book. From there, the writer has been able to sustain a career, and many presume it’s because they write to market.

One Minute Marketing Tip: Branding

Here’s a quick tip about marketing. What is your brand? It’s not just your logo or your look. It’s the

Marketing series: the power of word-of-mouth and why we need quality control

People talk about your book and make recommendations. Usually word-of-mouth marketing is positive, but it can also work against you.

Marketing Series: fear and loathing of marketing

On social media, in the writer’s guides sections of booksellers, blog posts, and so on, I see a lot of content that makes me think that people are afraid of marketing. If there is a post on what’s your biggest fear, worst skill, or whatever in being an indie writer, there are so many people who comment on their fear and loathing of marketing. For the life of me (and I’m not going to lie) I am much, much more afraid of semi-colons and errant typos than I am of marketing.

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