Marketing series: How to Grow Your Audience

I gained 1400 followers in eight months. And you can too. Today, I’m explaining my process in the hope that it may help clarify the mysterious numbers game that is social media. Social media is about being social. Not just delivering information. You want followers to interact not only with you, but the information you are providing. Going into the development of my public profile, I had a few things in mind from my days in politics.

Marketing Series: What drives sales on Social Media?

What drives sales on social media?  According to research, social media influencers drive sales.  Obviously a sale isn’t guaranteed just

Marketing Series: Social Media Engagement: What is it?

Lots of indie creatives struggle to get engagement on social media, even though social media is touted as one of the primary ways for indies to market themselves. What most people don’t understand though is what exactly they’re looking at when they are looking at engagement and more important what it means for a content creator. In order to understand how to increase engagement, we have to take a deep dive into what engagement is.

Marketing Series: Social Media Strategy Plan (Tool and Tool Introduction)

I highly recommend that you spend the time to revisit your plan periodically.

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